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Lodestars Anthology 

Lodestars Anthology is a magazine-meets-journal for curious travellers who long to be inspired, see the world and meet interesting characters along the road. Focusing on one country per issue, Lodestars goes deep into the heart of a location and uncovers its quirks, flavours and splendour. We have dedicated issues to Ireland, Spain, Australia, Greece, Wales, Mexico, Portugal, Switzerland and India (and a few other fabulous locations). 
Liz Schaffer 
Liz Schaffer is the founder and creative director of Lodestars Anthology, an independent magazine-meets-journal that, since 2014, has explored a single country every issue. Australian raised and London based (for now), she is also a writer, editor and photographer specialising in travel, food and the arts. Her work has appeared in Suitcase, Smith Journal, Australian Traveller, Local Publishing Co. and Harper's Bazaar. The next issue of Lodestars will be dedicated to Italy, so she's thrilled to be back in Bologna.