BL8D is an annual magazine looking for creators. It is in fact a full-fledged book, in hard cover, full of graphics, illustrations and photos that analyzes various culturological clichés and produces new semantic constructions based on them. BL8D for us is a daily search for the answer to the question "Who am I?" outside the system of empire, outside the system of a totalitarian state.
BL8D was born from the initiative of a small group of three people all coming from the epicenter of the post-Soviet "empire". At different periods of their lives and for various reasons they all found themselves outside of his system. We do not consider this project commercial; for us, this is an important opportunity to communicate with the outside world and discuss important issues with our readers, which are then transformed into various creative ideas and new projects. BL8D ['blue:d] - БЛУД - is wandering in search of eternally elusive beauty, and also, - adultery, that is, indulging in sin, doing some kind of nonsense at the same time. ['blue:d] is often present in Slavic tales as an attempt to "go somewhere I don't know where and bring something I don't know what".