Exhibitor list

The Mag To Mag market area will be the meeting place where the public will be able to touch and buy dozens of titles and get in touch, get to know and exchange information with the publishers in person who will be present.

List being updated

    1. Alea (ITALY)
    2. Archivio (ITALY)
    3. Athleta (ITALY)
    4. Blumenhaus (FRANCE)
    5. Bolo Paper (ITALY)
    6. Brand (Hong Kong)
    7. Brillo (ITALY)
    8. Carnale (ITA)
    9. Cineforum (ITALY)
    10. Context (ITALY)
    11. CTRL (ITALY)
    12. Dame (ITALY)
    13. Desired Landscapes (GREECE)
    14. Discontent (UK)
    15. Eki (ITALY)
    16. Frankenstein (ITALY)
    17. Fruit (ITALY)
    18. FMR - Franco Maria Ricci (ITALY)
    19. InCf (ITALY)
    20. Irae (ITA)
    21. 0.itemzero (PORTUGAL)
    22. Lampoon (ITALY)
    23. L' Essentiale (ITALY)
    24. L'integrale (ITALY)
    25. Linkiesta (ITALY)
    26. Lodestars Anthology (UK)
    27. Lost (CHINA)
    28. Maize (ITALY)
    29. Meantime zine (SINGAPORE)
    30. Menelique (ITALY)
    31. Moreness (ITALY)
    32. Mulieris (ITALY)
    33. NEA (ITALY)
    34. Nodes (ITALY)
    35. Notebook (UK)
    36. Orlando (ITALY)
    37. Parola (ITALY)
    38. Quanto (ITALY)
    39. RVM (ITALY)
    40. People of Print (UK)
    41. Sali e Tabacchi (ITALY)
    42. Settanta Percento (ITALY)
    43. Sentimental (NETHERLANDS)
    44. Suq (ITALY)
    45. Taboo (GERMANY)
    46. TBD Ultramagazine (ITALY)
    47. Tonic (UK)
    48. TYPE01 (UK)
    49. Urban (ITALY)
    50. WRPD (ITALY)
    51. 20Seconds (GERMANY)

    There will also be a Frab's sales desk for all the best titles from publishers who cannot be physically present at the event.

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