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The Essential Study

My name is Luca De Stefano and I am the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of L'Essenziale Studio. After a course of study through various fields, including communication and art direction, I landed in independent publishing, falling in love and involving all my knowledge and strength in this field, founding L'Essenziale Studio in 2021.

Independent paper and online magazine of contemporary and visual art dissemination, photography and design. Each volume investigates artists who focus on their own creative and conceptual research, making it available to every individual who interacts with the magazine. We celebrate culture through the visual use of knowledge. This project continues today with some success and a great desire to enjoy the arts within a world made of paper, words and images!

Fall in love with paper and the time it takes to read every page of any magazine. Lose yourself in this time and in the slow scrolling of the pages you will leaf through!