20 Seconds Magazine

20 Seconds is a paper-only magazine of experimental music and art.

It is made by and for designers, writers and photographers who feel they are not sufficiently stimulated by what they read and see.

We propose a solution in response to the usual programming, dependent on sponsored content and presentations generated from stock photos that we are all bombarded with.

Published twice a year, 20 Seconds is a collection of original photographs , long-form articles , poetry , interviews and more.

20 Seconds is dedicated to what is most relevant to us. As a community, we are intrinsically inclined to discuss , compare and share .

In the wake of other publications that demonstrate that print is not dead, nor is honesty or independence, 20 Seconds Magazine is dedicated to documenting these expressions. It is a dialogue , based on fluidity, and the conversation will live as long as the ink remains on the pages.

20 Seconds Magazine is not interested in stories for their own sake, or the usual images that flood our devices in advertising form. He is interested in daredevil art , fearless music and the real people behind it.

We're collaborating with our favorite photographers, poets, musicians, DJs and artists of all kinds to broaden our perspective. Together, we can explore a project that continues to intrigue and endure. Enterprising music and art take risks.

As a collection it will last a while, individually a lifetime. But definitely more than 20 seconds.