70 percent

A small magazine of entomological literature in augmented reality , which tells the world from an entomocentric perspective through multiple literary forms.

Published by Paper Paper studio , the first four issues are distributed together with a print of the insect's skin generated by 3D software. Through a QR code it is possible to access a filter through which, by framing the symbol depicting the insect, you will see the protagonist in augmented reality on the page of the book.

It is said that for every person on the planet there are 200 million insects and that these make up 70% of animal species.

These teeming creatures are the litmus tests of our life on earth. Our habits and beliefs are inscribed in their existence. So an ant soup can take us to Brazil, with the Dung Beetle we can talk about self-creationism and Ancient Egypt, then returning to modern times in which bees witness global warming.

The entire issue of the magazine is vacuum packaged - a reference to the method of preserving stuffed insect specimens. The first four issues are distributed as a collection.

The fifth issue of 70 Percent , to be released this fall, is in the works, and will see a revolution in format and story structure.