99objects is a book. Or rather, a series of books made up of 99 pages that tell the story of an object in all its variations, one for each page. A collection of 99 objects in total. Souvenir ashtrays, slide viewers, letter seals, ceramics, orange envelopes, video games, are selected and cataloged by PetriPaselli, the Bolognese artistic duo who created this project. 99objects is therefore a project that investigates the world of the most disparate collectibles .
Each collector creates a different reality, a very peculiar dimension with its own unique rules and dynamics. Each collector's item is always different from the others. PetriPaselli with 99objects do not want to underline the aesthetics or the typical museum presentation, in reality their idea is precisely to propose collections that show the objects as they are, in their unique and primordial form, without ornaments and embellishment, even without explanatory notes . According to the artistic duo, the object speaks and must speak for itself, not by its position or the surrounding context. Stickers, glasses, badges, sands, corkscrews, caps, enemas, watches, buttons, cigarettes, matches, sugar packets, souvenirs.
The list of collections can continue indefinitely, but the number 99 defines the project and gives an expiration date. 9 9 pages for 99 objects and the goal of obtaining 99 issues over the years, not to create an encyclopedia but a further collection of collections. Ninety-nine is almost a hundred. An eternal almost that categorically refuses to become a never : the new, found, chosen object is never the last, but having it brings those who were looking for it closer to a utopian completeness. The exits symbolize the double and contradictory drive of desire, continually poised between the infinite and the complete.