Anna Pierini | MORENESS


A hybrid between magazine and book that aims to investigate, clarify, amplify and substantive the concept of "more than apples and cows". Hence, the name MORENESS, an untranslatable English term which literally means "the state of being more". The MORENESS trilogy is a new product, entirely dedicated to in-depth study, reflection and multifaceted and transversal analysis of the most current and pressing issues related to the environment and context of the Dolomites. Above the Tree Line is the first volume focused on the high mountains. The second, On Trees and Woods instead investigates the universe of the forest. Finally, the third and final volume of the mountain trilogy, From Woods to Wood, explores the material wood.

Anna Pierini

Anna Pierini, born in Rome in 1995, intruder and project manager at franzLAB.
I studied Art History at RomaTre and subsequently Economics and Management of Cultural Heritage at Ca'Foscari. Since 2020 I have replaced the GRA with the Dolomites and since 2021 I have been part of the editorial team of franzLAB. I strictly follow the #morethanapplesandcows projects of the publishing house and the communication agency.