BOLO Paper

BOLO Paper is an independent publishing house based in Milan, Italy. They often work with designers and artists with the aim of producing quality objects, artists' books, magazines, fanzines and limited edition prints, without submitting to the logic of the market and common sense.

The main area of ​​investigation is the vast world of the image and the visual, often with a vintage, trashy, sarcastic aftertaste, and with a high iconic value .

The visual trick often used by BOLO Paper is the re-presentation in a current key of images already present in our visual background, often coming from the imagination of the 80s and 90s; these are updated in a new context, often separated from the original one, with the aim of creating a small short circuit in the eyes of the beholder. Other themes that return are those of randomness and error seen as allies for a good publication and not as limits to creativity.

BOLO Paper highlights and makes fun of the short circuits of political correctness and the paradoxes of the society in which we live in a provocative and brazen way, inviting those who watch to reconsider the yardstick of right and wrong, replacing it with the sensible and the senseless .

BOLO Magazine is the main magazine of BOLO Paper and the one with which the project was born, but many others immediately followed it; to date they have published more than 300 titles distributed internationally .