Call for exhibitors 2024

We are extraordinarily happy to announce that the call for applications to the second edition of Mag To Mag, the Festival of Independent Magazines, is now open.

After the unexpected success of last year, this second edition of Mag To Mag will be held in Milan at Lampo - Ex Scalo Farini on 14 and 15 September 2024.

This year's theme is "Sentimental Intelligence" and, joyful of the contamination that characterizes us and that we wish to bring more and more into the world of indiemag with Mag To Mag, from this edition we have chosen to get help, in the selection of exhibitors, from a group of exceptional experts who will once again be able to work on what we care about more than anything in the world of printed paper: selection.

Selection of those projects that stand out from others for their ability to be powerful, independent, profound, with careful content, incredibly beautiful, refined and impactful in their design and aesthetic care.

This year's location allows us to welcome 60 publishers. 

We will shortly announce the names of the group of experts who will select the participants of the 2024 edition, in the meantime applications are open until 10 April 2024.

To participate, you must complete the form at this LINK in its entirety.


Only independent periodic projects will be selected according to criteria of quality and originality of content and graphic design.

Projects that do not concern independent periodic paper products (online magazines, prints, single issue fanzines, etc.) will be automatically excluded from the evaluation.

Magazines that are not part of the Frab's catalog visible HERE must send a paper copy to: “Frab's - Viale Piave, 40/a - 20129 Milan” with the magazine arriving no later than Monday 15 April 2024, under penalty of automatic exclusion from the evaluation process.

A participation fee is expected: once the jury's selection of the magazine has been communicated via email by May 10th, the publisher will be asked to pay a contribution to management costs of 100 Euros by May 24th. Failure to pay the contribution by this date will result in the loss of the place for this edition of Mag To Mag.

The workstation for each editor is 90x80 cm and includes a table, two chairs and a table cover. The sale of one's own magazine is permitted, each publisher will therefore have to organize themselves independently to accept payments by post and cash.



Are you planning a long journey from out of Europe to Mag To Mag? Enjoy in the same week two indie publishing festival in Europe!

Just the weekend before Mag To Mag another exciting publishing festival is happening in Hamburg, Germany: Indiecon. 

We as Mag To Mag are great fan of this event. You can apply here:

Indiecon Independent Publishing Festival 2024

September 6-8 Hamburg, Oberhafen


Application Form:

Deadline for applications: March 31st