Who we are

Mag To Mag is an idea, a dream and finally a live event by Frab's Magazines & More .

Frab's is the Italian reality that takes care of selecting and creating culture of the independent magazine. Born in 2019 in Forlì with an online shop (frabsmagazines.com), today we have a shop in Forlì, we manage the selection of magazines from the Roman gallery Contemporary Cluster and we have various Pop Up Mags around Italy.

Frab's was born with the mission of making the culture of the independent magazine in a country like Italy still tied to the idea of ​​periodical publishing as mainstream rotogravure devoid of meaning. In addition to sales, in fact, our activities in spreading the culture of independent magazines are manifold. We organize the How To Make a magazine course, which trains aspiring and new editors on how to make a magazine, we disseminate magazine content every day through our social channels, we produce reviews of the main magazines, we organize and participate in conferences and talks on the world of periodical publishing.

Frab's is a project conceived and created by me, Anna Frabotta, journalist and professor of fashion publishing, passionate about publishing since I was a child. After years spent in drafting some territorial marketing magazines, I opened Frab's Magazines together with my partner Dario in 2019 with the specific intention of bringing to Italy the culture of the independent magazine that is much more widespread and developed in other European countries.

In these first years of activity I have known and met an environment very rich in stimuli and people capable of realizing real editorial masterpieces, from publishers to authors, to graphic designers. I have visited fairs in Italy and abroad and understood the enormous communicative potential that independent magazines bring with them.

What is often missing are the right contacts and knowledge on how to make known, communicate and sell such delicate products as magazines, to allow them to continue their journey. So, that event I tried to create. Here is the Mag To Mag.