commON Magazine

CommON Magazine is a media that connects the music scene and the world of fashion in a conceptual and contemporary way.

The magazine selects inspiring musicians and creates a narrative with its long visual narrative, essays and interviews, taking the form of an art book , characterized by its uniqueness and eternal vitality .

Using a multimedia language with a team of creatives from all over the world, commON tells the story of today both online and offline. Its aperiodic and timeless maxi-format print edition is aimed at a global community : a niche of international individuals who share an interest in intellectual and artistic culture and find inspiration in commON 's vision .

Through deep inspiration, commON Magazine 's unique strength lies in its flexible and bold collaboration system with fashion houses, museums, art schools, music labels and more. Creative director Woo Lee was selected as one of the top 12 global fashion creators of 2024 by WWD Korea , along with CD by Dazed Magazine and others.