CTRL is a magazine about people, places and other stories. The heart of our proposal is narrative reportage entrusted to writers and photographers, far from the center, inside things, multi-local and personal.

True stories, off the radar, told with the tools of literature and photography.

CTRL is a magazine and publishing house that deals with narrative and photographic reportage . It was born in 2009, in Bergamo, in the form of a small fanzine, pocket-sized, stapled, distributed by hand. In 2018 CTRL also becomes a publishing house.

The first title is " We are disappearing " : a narrative and photographic journey to five places in Italy where the native language is not Italian.

Since 2019, the editorial team has embarked on a project that lasted three years and three books: the " Normal Trilogy ", which collects "Gli ultrauomini", "I dimezzati", "Gli extinti".

The last title is from 2023: " It's right that it ends like this ", the first of the " Books of Vertigo ".

CTRL also produces an entirely photographic series: Le Latte , reportage in images, collected - precisely - in a can.