From me

Dàme is an independent editorial project written in two languages ​​( in Italian with English translation ), which aims to convey the message that every body and every person has value and deserves respect, regardless of their size, shape, ability, disability , skin color, gender and sexual orientation.

It talks about the body from different points of view - personal experiences , artistic and photographic projects , fashion collections - with the aim of creating a debate around self-acceptance . It does this through print media, through images and authentic stories of women, and also face-to-face events with activists and talks at schools.

The project aims to represent the complexities of the human experience starting from the body, often considered the most denigrated and stereotyped aspect of women, to promote authentic and inclusive representation.

The peculiarity of Dàme lies precisely in the fact that each issue focuses on a specific part of the body , which is nothing other than the starting point for exploring more general and complex themes. The first print issue, launched in 2021, focuses on the belly , the second edition has a focus on the legs ; while the third edition is on the theme of hair .

Since the body unites each of us, regardless of age or gender, and is something extremely personal, subjective and unique, this magazine is an explicit and authentic reading , accompanied by personal reflections, community experiences, informed opinions of activists, journalists and psychotherapist to guide the reader to rediscover the relationship with their own body and self-awareness .