Desired Landscapes

Desired Landscapes is a pocket-sized magazine spread across a diverse mix of cities . The print coexists with a walking tour , collectively exploring a sense of place through visual culture.

Each expedition is a collection of personal connections, critical texts, maps and archival material, seen through the eyes of those shaping today's cities.

Desired Landscapes reads to walk and walks to write .

It wants to tell the experiences of those who live and travel in the cities, focusing in each issue on Athens and then on large international destinations such as Berlin, Tokyo, Los Angeles.

Small size is suitable for airplane, ship, ferry, train, car (while you are not driving). A good travel companion for those who want to travel within the places they visit.

Desired Walks , another format of Desired Landscapes , expands the experience into the urban fabric of the city. Both formats suggest new ways of approaching cities and promote travel as a tool for being together. They are both currently hosted by Desired Pocket , a pocket space in the heart of Athens, aiming to connect this community of thoughtful urban lovers.