Eki Magazine

Eki is an independent biennial magazine dedicated to those who love and are inspired by light .

The magazine hosts artists and experts from all over the world and its goal is to create a space to share and compare multiple ways of approaching light, through different techniques and creative ideas. Each issue of the magazine deals with a specific type of light .

Light is a primordial element , it belongs to our very existence and we often underestimate its power. Light is heat , it is birth and spirit . Its multiple manifestations always have something spectacular, in life, in art, in literature, in history: light is revolution .

Each issue of Eki hosts interviews with art professionals who tell us about their relationship with light, reflections on this essential element for our lives, a colored jelly chosen by one of Eki 's guest artists , through which to look at the world with new eyes.

Among the releases: Tales of light , Night light , Sun light , Digital in light , Spiritual light .