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Salt and Tobacco Journal

Sali e Tabacchi Journal is an Anglo-Italian magazine that produces original content and is proud to celebrate Italy and the print medium. Each issue offers a variety of experimental content, including profiles of internationally renowned Italian cultural leaders, photographic stories, visual poetry, essays and recipes. With a focus on quality over quantity, favoring slow journalism and a rather romantic photographic style over classic photojournalism, each issue is curated as an art form. Brought to life and nurtured by acclaimed young editor Elisa Carassai and art director Leonardo Pellegrino, in each issue readers will find an unconventional narrative and discover secret gems of the Italian landscape, with a focus on craftsmanship, anthropology and folklore. By collaborating with some of the most influential contemporary photographers on the international scene to document the country's diverse protagonists, Sali & Tabacchi Journal puts traditional expectations about what and who Italians really are at center stage and offers the public a peek at what lies hidden. behind closed doors.

Elisa Carassai
Elisa is a writer, copywriter, translator and editorial strategist on fashion, design and culture born and living in Milan, currently collaborating with brands, creative agencies and publications. She moved to London in September 2014 for a year of training at the Condè Nast College of Fashion and Design and to study fashion journalism at the London College of Fashion. Since then, some of her articles have appeared in Vogue Italia, Zero.Eu, Cabana Magazine, NowFashion.com, British Vogue, Wallpaper* Magazine, Corriere Della Sera's Design Magazine, Living, Twin Magazine, OnOffice Magazine and Collectible DRY. She is currently a professor of journalism and creative media at the IED and has been a guest of the Design Academy of Eindhoven, NABA, SUPSI and the Politecnico di Milano. She is editor-in-chief and co-founder, together with creative director Leonardo Pellegrino, of Sali e Tabacchi Journal - an Anglo-Italian publication launched in 2019 that welcomes the world behind closed doors to Italy - and partner of the creative agency S&T Media Lab.

Debrina Aliyah
With two decades of communication experience in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, with a focus on art, culture, fashion and lifestyle, Debrina specializes in media strategy, business development, communication and story-telling of the brand, aligning brands with market needs. Combining areas dedicated to design with periods of broadcast and print journalism, culminating in the role of Managing Editor of T - The New York Times Style Magazine: Qatar, he creates conceptual and personal experiences through words, visual images and events. He is also currently Managing Editor of Sali e Tabacchi Journal - an Anglo-Italian publication that welcomes the world behind closed doors to Italy - and Partner of the creative agency S&T Media Lab.