Francesco, Silvia, Pasquale, Pierluigi | Alea


Alea is an independent editorial project founded in 2020. The magazine intends to compete with the nuanced and complex rhythms of the contemporary world, through a polyphonic and multidisciplinary story. Each issue is guided by a wide-ranging thematic framework, the interpretation of which is entrusted to the individual contributions selected by the editorial board. Among the pages of Alea, anthropological ethnography lends itself to unprecedented and fascinating encounters – or reencounters – with a wide variety of disciplines, visions and artistic practices. A challenge as provocative as it is risky is launched to the readers: to try to recompose a possible narrative plot.

Francesco Danesi della Sala

Francesco Danesi della Sala, editorial director of Alea and PhD candidate in Cultural and Social Anthropology.

Silvia Pizzirani

Silvia Pizzirani, editor of the interdisciplinary section and PhD in Contemporary History.

Pasquale Menditto

Pasquale Menditto, editor of the ethnographic section and PhD in Cultural Anthropology.

Pierluigi Bizzimi

Pierluigi Bizzimi, editorial staff of the literary section, writer, editor and freelance journalist.