Frankenstein Magazine

Independent Milanese magazine focused on comics and underground culture .

Exploring the language of comics in an experimental and unconventional way, the magazine gives space within its pages to artists who come from all over the world and who approach this sector in a different way.

Frankenstein Magazine is an independent editorial project created by Marcello Mosca, Emiliano Fadda, Dario Guccio and Stefano Coizzi which is part of the cultural association Aldebaran Studio .

A melting pot/magazine that seeks to promote experimental content and research , reaching into figurative arts and creative writing, with a clear focus on the authors' comics.

The peculiarity of this zine lies in its heterogeneity : different authors called to work together on disparate themes and aesthetics . Inclusivity is fundamental at every level, manifesting itself in the diversity of the artists involved .

Another principle of ours is to guarantee extreme freedom of expression to authors, offering them unlimited space.