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inCf is an independent magazine with the aim of investigating the themes and urgencies of contemporary expression through the points of view of the personalities called to direct each issue. Matete Martini, visual artist and founder of FutureYoungTalent, was chosen for the second issue.

The journal is structured in three parts: a first part with a presentation of the editor, the theme and in-depth articles on the chosen topic, a central part entrusted to the editor and a third by the inCf editorial staff.

This new release explores and investigates the theme of "Practice" as a methodical operation of enhancement and understanding of what is inside us and what surrounds us.

This is a way of learning and thinking, the way to know the world: doing, exposing yourself to the suffering of failure, practicing to understand, realize, fix a thought.

Starting from this concept, we have examined and explored the stories of a series of personalities who have dedicated their entire lives to the artistic, philosophical, design and cultivation practice, sometimes mixing them together, such as Nobuyoshi Araki, Le Corbusier, Carlo Hauner and the Spazio Meta in Milan. This second issue is enriched by the words of Enrico Ratto, Maddalena Scarzella, Marco Anzalone, Davide Quadrio and the looks of Roselena Ramistella, Alessandro Furchino Capria, Carmine Romano, Luca Capuano and Pietro Bucciarelli.

Jade Storelli

Giada Storelli is a journalist, cultural project manager, photography curator and creative content editor based in Milan. His field of specialization includes photography, visual arts, writing and research of cultural contents in relation to communication. He deals with editorial projects, both online and on paper, photographic productions, writing texts and organizing cultural projects with particular attention to photography.
He is currently responsible for the contents of the independent Italian magazine inCf and is the artistic director of Arvest! Photo Fest, contemporary photography festival focused on the artistic residency in the Langhe (Piedmont).

Julius Bishops

Giulio Vescovi, after studying design and graphics in Padua, moved to Milan in 2007 and worked at the IED Centro Ricerche. From 2009 to 2013 he collaborated with the studio of the architect Fabio Novembre. Subsequently, he began his career as a freelancer as Art director and Graphic designer, collaborating with both fashion brands and newspapers. In 2020 he opened the creative agency inCf Studio, where in addition to consulting in the field of communication and launching the independent magazine inCf magazine.