Inland Magazine

Born from the imminent desire to reveal the real world that no tourist has ever seen, Inland is a new magazine that aims to explore the culture of some of the most hidden and isolated countries on Earth beyond the stereotypes . It is an invitation to live a travel experience in the superficial and talked about world, through a documentary narration between photography and design.
Inland aims to give visibility to the diverse experiences of individuals in countries otherwise often perceived as homogeneous, thus opening deeper perspectives on these unknown places and the people behind them.
ISSUE 1 - FAROE ISLANDS Accept our invitation and explore the Faroe Islands. Adventure with the last Viking, ponder personal reflections on the harsh realities of the islands, and understand what it truly means to be Faroese. Traverse complex whaling territory and step into the world's most isolated restaurant or chat with the country's newest bird hunter. This isn't just a travel magazine: it's an exploration of places through intimate, untold stories. Inside the magazine: 7 enchanting narratives that reveal the heart and soul of the Islands, with contributions from over 15 designers, illustrators, photographers and writers.