Linkiesta Etc.

Linkiesta Etc. is one of the paper editorial projects of Linkiesta, a quarterly magazine dedicated to fashion, design, travel, culture and art. Great photographic reports, literary previews, journeys through architecture, design and food experiences and fashion as a compass of modern times that helps us navigate contemporaneity.
Directed by Valentina Ardia, Head of content at Linkiesta, and by Christian Rocca, designed by PaperPaper studio , Eccetera is an in-depth and entertaining coffee table magazine, to be read and shown, with great names in journalism and artists, illustrators and international photographers. Of great material and visual impact, packaged with a selection of special papers, fluorescent pantone and Swiss binding that makes it a collector's item, Etc. is a magazine with a collectable format that combines the style of collage with 3D illustration, photography infographics, up to the use of the graphic novel to deal with in-depth topics.