Lodestars Anthology

Lodestars Anthology is an award-winning travel magazine that explores a single country each issue.

Featuring beautiful photographs, thoughtful stories and original illustrations it is produced in Bristol by a small independent press with an eye for detail and a love of print.

Lodestars Anthology is a travel magazine for curious travelers who want to be inspired, see the world, and meet fascinating characters along the way. Focusing on one country by issue, it is an album of places, getting to the heart of a place and discovering its character, flavors and splendor.

Our latest issue was dedicated to Italy, with previous magazines having explored England, Scotland, Australia, Sweden, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, France, India, Portugal, Switzerland, Mexico, Wales, Greece, Spain and Ireland.

Lodestars is the magazine to keep on a coffee table, or to put in your travel bag to consult during the journey.