LOST is an independent Chinese travel magazine. Hotels, resorts, beach life are everything this magazine doesn't talk about.

It is a magazine about self-discovery through travel , it is entirely composed of diary pages and introspective reflections accompanied by landscape photographs and travel fragments which, printed on rough paper, give a great idea of ​​the sweat and effort that often accompany trips even if we don't like to show them.

LOST believes that travel is not about luxury hotels or tourist destinations, but rather about immersing yourself in a completely foreign place to feel extremely uncomfortable so that you can learn from the experience. He believes that travel is a state of mind.

In fact, inside we find stories of people who seek danger , discomfort and absolutely uncomfortable things when traveling. From here, for them, the essence of the true journey begins, one that becomes an immersive state of mind , in which man can totally enter with body and mind into the places and above all into the human interweavings of a place in the world far from what commonly calls home.

The ones writing the stories and taking the photographs contained within are photographers, travelers and writers capable of making the contents as profound as they are professional.