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WRAPPED Magazine, abbreviated with the acronym WRPD Magazine, recalls in a game of opposites the concept of "pre-packaging" which, more than anything else, contains the essence of mainstream culture. Starting from this premise, in 2016 a collective of creatives transformed their passion for Fashion, Art and Photography, linked by other forms of artistic representation, into a niche editorial project and subsequently into a multifunctional creative studio. WRPD is a magazine with an annual publication that promotes a dialogue between art, photography and fashion. An independent project that reflects the essence of our time through visual culture, essentially focusing on the talent of emerging young creatives and on a multimedia and experimental language.
Marco Giovanni Grisolia
Marco Giovanni Grisolia, is Fashion Designer, Creative Director of WRPD Magazine, professor of fashion visual communication at the Academy of Costume and Fashion, the European Institute of Design. The innate drawing aptitude, the love for art and a peculiar aesthetic sensibility immediately outline the coordinates for a training address devoted to creativity, in search of beauty and its meaning. Path first materialized with the attainment of the diploma in applied art and subsequently with studies at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, where he specialized in painting.
School training is followed by heterogeneous work experiences: fashion design, scenography, graphic design and costume design.
In fashion he recognizes the ideal medium with which to convey his own thought and creative attitude. Awareness that, in 2010, saw him debut with his first line of clothing and accessories, with which he immediately distinguished himself in the "New Talents" panorama thanks to the "The Corner" project conceived by Franca Sozzani for Vogue Italia and YOOX.
Currently the main activities focus on the conception and design of exclusive editorial content. WRPD Magazine represents the best representation of his stylistic and creative signature.