Nicola Feninno, Alessandro Monaci | CTRL


CTRL was born in 2009 in Bergamo, as a small fanzine. It then becomes a magazine distributed throughout Italy. Then a publishing house. At the center of the editorial line are off-the-radar stories, told with the tools of the
narrative and photographic reportage.

Nicholas Feninno

Nicola Feninno (Bergamo, 1987) is the editorial director of CTRL. He is editor-in-chief and one of the founders of Čapek, a comics, literature and reportage magazine. For four years he collaborated with Rizzoli. For the Scuola Holden he holds the course Writing from life - narrative reportage. In 2022, in the series l'invisibile by Industria & Literature, he published the short novel "A true story".

Alexander Monks

Alessandro Monaci (Bergamo, 1990). Alpinist, Alpine Rescue volunteer and historian, he divides his time between mountains and writing. He is one of the authors of Bagliore, published by Il Saggiatore in collaboration with CheFare. His stories and articles have been published, among others, in Apri, National Geographic, Orobie, Quanto. He has been one of the masterminds behind CTRL Magazine since 2012.