Numero Cromatico is an interdisciplinary artist, research center and publisher.

Since its foundation in 2011, Numero Cromatico has published Nodes - Journal of Art and Neuroscience , the only Italian neuroaesthetics journal.

The protagonist of the periodical is art in all its forms and its encroachments into the world of anthropology, music, perception and aesthetic experience more generally.

Nodes is the independent magazine that combines a specialist approach to science with the search for editorial beauty, well represented by risograph printing, design and paper.

Born from a group of university enthusiasts, it is now animated by the conscious minds of researchers and experts who have created a lively environment of meetings and in-depth events around Numero Cromatico .

Furthermore, Numero Cromatico designs and produces many other publications, such as poetry books, catalogs and the newly created "Sinapsi".