BORING Magazine

NOIA offers a collaborative platform for photographers, creatives, poets, artists and writers to discuss fundamental issues of our times.

The heart of the magazine is made up of 29 diptychs , composed of two images by different artists, these images, not thought of in relation to each other, are paired to create a dialogue, a similarity, a dissonance and give a new meaning to the two juxtaposed images . In addition to the diptychs section, there are 7/8 articles, ranging from experimental writing to short essays or opinion articles.

The dialogue develops around a central theme, inviting over 80 authors to participate and express their point of view.

The magazine collects materials through various "open calls", inviting various participants to offer images/articles/poems. Once all the participations have been collected, the team creates a coherent narrative , exploring different themes and creating a coexistence of different languages ​​and sensibilities.

For each issue, a different artistic director is invited, always selected through an "open call", who is entrusted with the project so that each issue is unique and represents a different artistic vision each time.