Orlando : the first magazine in the world to be structured like an imaginary hotel .

On the ground floor we find food and beverage and gardening, on the first floor there is a library and exhibition room where you can enjoy readings on contemporary artists, and so on.

Orlando is a container of beauty and culture. It wants to inspire curious and refined thinkers with ever new and refined stimuli. The structure of the imaginary hotel is a Boccaccio frame which is itself a story .

The reader can dynamically go up and down between the different floors of the Orlando imaginary Hotel , from the ground floor where the restaurant and the garden are located and therefore be entertained with articles related to the world of food, unique restaurants and artists linked to the world of nature and flowers. On the first floor, however, the reader will enter the library and exhibition hall, with articles on literature, contemporary art... then the reader will be able to move on to the Rooms and then immerse themselves in design and architecture, and go as far as the winery and the garage and read articles on wine and art and vintage cars.

Guiding the reader throughout the magazine is Mr.O , a lobby boy who accompanies the reader along this particular editorial sequence .

The mantra of the entire magazine is refinement and attention to detail, well printed on heavy paper that gives structure and prestige to its contents.