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I shine

Brillo is an independent quarterly paper magazine completely dedicated to the world of illustration, the only one in Italy that passionately curates a selection of the best works and emerging artists on the Italian and international scene. Since 2020 our work has been based on continuous research and on the interception of new talents, supported and stimulated by an attentive and involved community of professionals, companies, students and simple enthusiasts.

We combine editorial work with scouting and art direction to help the most prestigious brands find and involve the perfect talent for the most exciting projects.

In fact, 3 years after the opening of Brillo, Patrizia De Nardi (founder of the magazine) together with Irene Pollini Giolai (consultant and editor of Brillo from the antipodes) decided to open THE creative studio: Studio Polline.

Patricia de Nardi

Born in 1990, she was born and raised in Veneto surrounded by nature. After his studies, a degree in philosophy with honors and a master's degree in business management, he began his long experience in a multinational food company, first in the commercial department and later in the communication field.

In 2020, aware that he has developed the necessary skills to start his own business, he courageously decides to leave his position and give himself to what he has always dreamed of doing: working in the creative field. Thus he founded Brillo, an independent magazine, the first in Italy, completely dedicated to illustration.

Among his collaborations: Accredia, Redbull, Vans, Pastiglie Leone, Victoria's Secret, Gucci, Enel, Sample Lover, Mac Cosmetics, Patagonia, Sea Shepherd, Melidè

Joy Ghezzo

Gioia Ghezzo is a Venetian illustrator who madly loves her lagoon. The silence of the streets, the scent of salt air, the sea breeze are his greatest sources of inspiration. She is very fascinated by working with volumes, creating soft, sweet and buttery shapes that reflect her being a dreamer and an incurable romantic. He often tells of a voluptuous feminine, powerful for her vitality, but softened by the implicit grace of the subjects. He also enjoys illustrating animals, objects, landscapes, still lifes and recipes. He prefers traditional illustration, in fact he uses gouache and watercolors.

Select clients: My Bearaby | 7-seven Courier | Future Courier | Feelingnova | Leone Bar Bassano | Venice FC | Lungarno publisher | The Brumaie publisher| Venice innovation design (VID) | Pure Bio Cosmetic | Leone Pads | BAV craft brewery | Ocean Space & Peggy Guggheneim