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Pessima is a transgender and non-binary art magazine.

It is an annual and independent project based in Milan, which offers a point of convergence in the representation of Trans* subjectivities and investigates how they express themselves through young contemporary art .

The first volume features 16 artists (each of them is presented with an original interview and photo editorial), 3 graphic novels and a short illustrated story.

A collection that highlights the heterogeneity of the subjects represented, dealing with themes such as self-representation , experimentation , mutation and extensions of the body .

The name " Pessima " refers to a derogatory word, linked to what public opinion often thinks of the Trans* community. By reclaiming it, we turn the social paradigm on its head , replacing hatred with the pride that comes from self-determination.

Pessima 's contribution to the publishing field is a new point of view on Contemporary Art trends, focusing on the new practices of post-human and avant-garde art that are emerging through the activities of young Trans* creatives.

In essence, it is a project aimed at broadening our understanding of gender and identity, while also serving as an archive for such contemporary trends.

“We believe that a magazine with a Trans* perspective is crucial to our community. Our goal is to create a network where we are able to support, financially and artistically, emerging Trans* artists as we grow as a collective. We have already had the opportunity to interact with many interesting sensibilities, forming a connection that goes both ways: We grow as we help and are helped to grow ."