Riccardo D'Ercole | Nea Magazine


Nea Magazine is the photography, writing and storytelling magazine published since 2023 by Nea Publishing, an editorial laboratory born in 2022 in the wake of the experience gained from the publication of two magazines: the n. 0 - Dispatch
and the no. 1 - Folder (2020 and 2021). The new issue of Nea Magazine is a relaunch and a confirmation. A relaunch of an experience that has continued since 2018 consisting of the combination of photographic and narrative language through continuous research and experimentation with regards to writing, printing and typography techniques. A confirmation of the interest that, to date, the intersection of these two languages ​​continues to arouse in readers in the context of contemporary cultural debate.
Nea Magazine no. 2 - Magazine is the result of the work of the publishing laboratory
carried out in conjunction with artists and contributors operating in sectors
apparently very distant from each other: writing, photography, visual arts. This
path comes to fruition with the precise desire to develop a conscious voice around the process of analysis on photography, archives and writing, in order to build a collective reasoning on visual and textual languages ​​and their function in the contemporary.
For the presentation of the new issue, due out in February 2023, Riccardo S. D'Ercole, editorial coordinator of Nea Publishing and Giovanni Bitetto, author and editor of the project will intervene. Both signed two stories that inhabit the magazine, following a process that aims to extract narrative imagery from photography, understood in its value both as a document and as a cultural object.

Richard D'Ercole

Riccardo S. D'Ercole was born in Andria (Puglia) in 1993. He works as a freelance editor for publishing houses. He has written for Rolling Stone Italia and Black Camera, he is the author of Pneuma (Robin, 2021). He writes narrative reports and short stories starting from photography. Since 2018 he has directed and coordinated Nea Magazine.