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Tonic Magazine

Rob Ellison and Benita Finanzio are husband and wife and creators of Tonic magazine. They both love to travel and have been fortunate to have made it a big part of their professional lives over the past 15 years.
Benita was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. His father's Italian heritage meant that his experiences in the world of beverages were always strongly linked to traditions. Rob was born in Walsall in the West Midlands of England. His family emigrated to England from Jamaica in the 1950s and this cultural combination shaped Rob's ideas about drinking and personal relationships.

Benita moved to the UK and met Rob almost 20 years ago in a pub in Stoke Newington. Throughout their adventures together, they have become intrigued by the stories behind the relationships different cultures have with drinks. They found it fascinating that while some countries and communities shun alcohol, others embrace it and make it an integral part of their lives, with no table being complete without a glass of something. Some have it to aid digestion and in other countries they use it to relax after work. In some religions it is an integral part of worship, but in others it is considered a havoc. Their magazine, Tonic, exists to document all of this. Celebrate the producers, the cities, the countryside, the bars and pubs.

The printing process is also something Benita and Rob are fascinated with. They believe that print has a unique way of bringing stories to life. Tonic takes advantage of the tactile nature of print by using a gummed cover and textured uncoated paper stock. Words are presented just as they might be in a book so readers can quickly adapt to each article.

Their professional experience in creating events on the beverage world aims to unite and spread more and more the stories that make the world of the sector so exciting and universal.

"Tonic, - is truly the most outstanding consumer beverage publication I've ever seen"
(Ross Carter - The Drinks Trust)