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WORD is an editorial project that wants to investigate the contemporary through a different approach, a universal dialogue, without individualism, a contribution of words, images and events that flows from the singular experience into the general.

Each issue is dedicated to a specific theme and includes interviews and visual content assembled together in a single flow, like a DJ set of images and words mixed by the editorial staff.

Through words of words, chosen for each issue, PAROLA attempts to restore a new contemporary meaning to words from a common language, breaking down and reassembling the interviews collected in a single stream.

MUSEO, the first issue of PAROLA, has collected the words of museum directors, insiders, workers, enthusiasts and exponents of the world of culture, architecture, design, united by their experience with and within the MUSEUM.

Leonardo Caffo

Leonardo Caffo is a philosopher, writer and curator, whose work centers on theoretical and applicative topics related to human animal studies, posthumanity, contemporary art and architecture, and identity.

Robert Maria Clemente

Roberto Maria Clemente was the founder and art director of the style magazine Label (1998-2007) of the visual communication studio FIONDA, mainly dealing with communication in the cultural and social fields.

Rica Cerbarano

Rica Cerbarano is a curator, writer and coordinator of projects related to photography. He writes for Vogue Italia and Il Giornale dell'Arte, of which he takes care of the Photography sector. In addition to editorial collaborations, he works as an exhibition manager for various festivals, institutions and non-profit organizations.

Marina Barbieri

Marina Barbieri deals with books and editorial projects, produces and coordinates projects that from paper become exhibitions, workshops, public programs or vice versa.

Sara Zambon

Sara Zambon. Art Advisor expert in the promotion of emerging and pre-emerging artists and in building relationships, her mission is to bring more and more people closer to the contemporary art market, explaining to them what it means today to invest in young talents and advising on the basis of their own tastes.