Spaghettimag is a container of beauty. It is an independent biannual magazine in coffee-table book format with a focus on lifestyle, fashion, art, food, design and everything that can be a tool for a conscious métissage .

It is the result of careful dedication and research by the Founder, Editorial Director and Creative Director Emira M'sakni , whose Arab origins give a cosmopolitan vision to the project.

It is translated into ITALIAN, ENGLISH and ARABIC and develops on the two tracks, now more than ever complementary, of the printed paper and the web/digital version.

Furthermore, from March 2024 the first DIGITAL EDITION will debut, every two months, born from the intention of wanting to expand our community as much as possible and create an ambitious project that travels in parallel with the paper editions.

The digital edition of Spaghettimag encompasses and implements the desire to increasingly expand the community that revolves around the magazine and give the opportunity to as many people as possible to access special content generated by us: i.e. the digital issues and the so-called " digital covers ”.