TYPEONE Magazine

From trend-spotting, to pushing boundaries, to exploring previously heavily guarded topics, TYPEONE is the only magazine in the world that uses type as a conceptual starting point to open discussions about culture, business, innovation, technology and design . TYPEONE aims to provide a fresh and contemporary perspective on the graphic design and typography industry.
With the relentlessness of digital content and the constant need for algorithms to distract us with cute kitten videos, we know that designers can find it difficult to stay one step ahead, ensuring they never miss a beat in the fast-paced design industry. With each issue we meticulously craft eye-catching layouts fused with cutting-edge typography while curating content that keeps you informed and inspired - allowing you to elevate your craft and push your career to new heights. A concept that allows you to immerse yourself in practical insights and insider knowledge tailored to enhance your creative skill set, guiding you towards success in the competitive design space.