Wines to read, words to drink. Versanti is a new Italian magazine that talks about wine in freedom, without presuming to judge goodness and performance. The magazine places emphasis on the distinctive and original, intimate and personal aspects that are hidden in each glass, those capable of touching chords that are not limited to smell and palate and which would be difficult to pigeonhole into classifications or match with numerical characters .
“Ossigeno” is our episode number zero, dedicated to the so-called “oxidative” wines and the areas in which they are historically produced. The journey starts from Marsala and continues on the routes of Malvasia di Bosa in Sardinia, sherry in Jerez and those of Madeira, finally reaching Arbois, in the Jura region of France. In this episode we also talk about wines and producers with a focus on Piedmont, we delve into culinary topics related to bread and oysters and give space to topics related to the world of spirits and mixing.