WAITHOOD Magazine is where/when/how we come together to dream and think about strategies to access our future in freedom. This magazine emerges from the intersections of Black agency, contemporary art and the city, with the aim of producing and circulating knowledge with the power to save our future from the hands of the present.
Starting from initial investments in understanding the current conditions in which Black artists are expected to thrive, the magazine project adopts a contextual tone, as it leverages a critical approach to notions of time , offering multiple readings of the current condition, considering not only the distorted notion of the past but also the role of silences, memory and nostalgia. This approach presents the following possibilities and objectives of the journal: Articulate and appreciate analytical tools from which new words begin to be needed and emerge; Understanding time as an infinite resource, deeply implicated by space; Pay attention to the black imagination and how it operates.
It is fundamental for us to find the right conditions for the imagination to operate , making the act of imagining a case study itself, allowing us to question the limits and impossibilities that the present gives to black peoples. It is precisely from the impossibility that the magazine's intervention begins to unfold. Focusing in most cases on the colonial infrastructures inherited by the settlers, the magazine offers a counter-reading of 'worlding', reducing all types of normalization as a mere product of a white imagination that can be grasped in the concept of modernity.