CODE is alive. The textbook for the curious intellect breathes again. The annual magazine fuses science, fashion and art for an unexplored sensory experience, or in layman's terms, a "sexy science" seminar. A collection of artist images, fashion editorials, interviews and raw explorations of the liminal spaces between a death and another life.
CODE number 02: "Life is Death is Life" is a vortex in the flowing river, the stained glass window of a cathedral that changes light. This issue of the annual magazine features work and conversations with Dr. Michael Hoch at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), Black Quantum Futurism, Karinne Smith, Tianzhuo Chen, Kevin Bray, Eugene Yiu Nam Cheung, and more. CODE is published by Year Zero , a publishing platform that aims to encourage artists and publishers to take risks and challenge the play-it-safe trend of the publishing environment, with fair deals, support in every aspect and full transparency.