Yogurt Flavour

Yogurt's Flavors are a series of concept zines. In each issue, more than 100 artists who work with the photographic medium illustrate a topic, giving life to a multi-author visual narrative.
Yogurt is a platform dedicated to visual culture, created by the Paper Room Cultural Association. Born in 2015 as an online magazine dedicated to the visual arts, the project is characterized by incessant research in the fields of investigation and aesthetic and narrative trends in contemporary photography . Yogurt is initially developed through a web magazine and bookshop in Rome called Paper Room , which specializes in photo books.
In 2018, the publishing house Yogurt Editions was born, which publishes concept-zines and limited edition visual arts books. Furthermore, a creative agency, Yogurt Agency, was founded, specializing in communication and editorial design. Since 2021, Yogurt has been organizing Charta , a biennial festival dedicated to photo books, held in different spaces in Rome. Every year, it launches The Charta Award, an international award aimed at recognizing unpublished projects.